Did you know that 92% of losses covered by renters insurance related to liability, theft, fire, and more are less than $7,000 per incident? This leaves clients and property owners vulnerable to a significant gap in their property insurance converage. At NOIPM, we believe it is vital to require all renters maintain some standard renters insurance policy. With our preferred provider, RealPage® NOIPM can lower risk even further by maximizing the number of renters enrolled using an integrated enrollment service as well as a policy plan tracking database inside our management software platform. By maintaining all active policies in a centralized database, we can more effectively manage expiring policies at time of lease renewal and mitigate the number of renters with a lapse in coverage.


Our preferred provider, RealPage®, gives residents convenient access to affordable renter’s insurance as well as the support necessary to manage claims through online.


Program benefits include:


» Two minute enrollment online

» Instant quotes with no confusing underwriting questions or credit checks

» Customized policies including liability coverage, personal contents coverage and preferred deductibles

» Real-time tracking and compliance management within our primary property management software

» Multiple payment options online with ACH, debit, credit or even cash payments via MoneyGram. Residents can also select automated deductions on a monthly, _ quarterly or yearly basis.