At NOIPM, our executive leadership works with industry leading business solutions to provide owners & investors state of the art multifamily solutions needed to maximize our deliverable: performance based results with first rate client care. With teams in place in all critical areas, NOI Property Management is truly able to provide you a solution for all your multifamily needs.


  • Cash Management
  • Construction Services
  • Human Resources
  • Information Systems and Services Team
  • Payroll Services
  • Property Accounting
  • Risk Management
  • Vendor Relations



Cash balances are downloaded daily into our information systems to provide our Cash Management Team all the pertinent data needed to effectively manage property cash flows. Additional services offered:


  • Bank Account Setup & Management
  • Cash Concentration with EFT (General Wires or ACH) transactions as cash requirements dictate for items such as payroll, managements fees, debt service and more
  • Daily Balance Reporting
  • Electronic Deposits made daily
  • Liason to Financial Institutions to maintain banking relationships



NOIPM's Construction Services team ensures the integrity of the physical condition of all assets as well as providing construction management to key value-add programs. Every community professionally managed by NOIPM has a curb appeal that is sure to stand out. Other areas of service include:


  • Interior Unit Renovations
  • Building Exterior Renovations
  • REAC Inspection Preparation
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Due Dilligence Inspections
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Other Capital Improvements



NOIPM's Human Resources team provides staffing solutions that range from recruiting to candidate screening. Our HR team is ready to make a difference by providing services like:


  • Benefits Administration
  • Candidate Screening
  • HR Legal Claims management related to Workers Comp & Labor Claims
  • Osha Compliance & Risk Management
  • New Hire Processing
  • Regular Employee Evaluations with Progressive Discipline and company policy enforcement
  • New Staff Recruitment
  • Temp Staff Management



Always looking to further advance our delivery of services, NOIPM's IS Team manages and supports a infrastructure designed to protect critical business information through robust site-to-site VPN networking with managed access to cloud based servers. Other notable services supported include:


  • Email User Management with MS Office 365
  • Microsoft Office Suite 2013 training as needed for all internal staff
  • Paperless Employee Time Sheets with web-based time collection system secured with designated IP restrictions
  • Hardware & Software Procurement Services
  • Entrata Residential Software
  • Electronic Deposits daily of rental payments at every onsite location
  • Convergent Resident Lease & Utility billing (Paperless) with up to the minute resident balances accessible by residents through our online prospect portal
  • Individual Property Websites and Domain Management
  • Revenue Management Systems for Optimized Apartment Rents



Working with one of our business solution partners, NOIPM's Payroll Team will issue checks, file taxes and generate W-2 information.


  • Employee Time Collection (Paperless) with Compliance Audit & PTO Management
  • Labor Expense Reporting
  • Payroll & State Taxes
  • Customized Client Reporting



Each month the property accounting group will review the information gathered from the residential management software and prepare operating statements for management to review. Financial Statements are prepared in keeping with industry standards, and bank account reconciliations are maintained on a monthly basis. The financial reports will be posted to ENTRATA, a secure website, or will otherwise be made available as directed by the client. Monthly Financial Reporting - with standard multifamily reports provided following monthly bank account reconciliations:


  • Balance Sheet
  • Statement of Operations
  • Income Statements (Accrual Basis)
  • Cash Flow Reconciliation
  • Budget Variance Reporting
  • Ledger Details
  • Trial Balances
  • Aged Payables as well as Check Register/Disbursement Schedule
  • Ad Hoc Reporting as needed for Bank Statements, Aged Receivables and Property Payroll Schedules
  • Audit & Tax Preparetion Management - We engage and manage the entire process from A-Z
  • Invoice Compliance & Check Writing - Utilities, SODA payments and petty cash reimbursements made weekly.



Review, approval and management of insurance policies including a complete review of portfolio and individual: Property & Casual, General Liability, Flood, Wind and other excess policies as needed. Property & Casual as well as General Liability must be maintained on all properties at all times. Other services include:


  • Allocation of all risk management service costs to each property
  • Liaison between capital courses and insurers
  • Administrative file management



NOIPM manages every aspect of the vendor relationship including negotiating vendor agreements conformed to predetermined owner approved guidelines, year end processing of 1099s and maintaining vendor database of all approved vendors along with appropriate insurance certification.